Font is a monthly online magazine that spotlights compelling and innovative English-language literary activity from across Quebec. The publication serves to create professional opportunities for new and early-career writers, performers, storytellers, translators, publishers, arts workers, partners, and other leaders working in English and other minority languages.


Font thrives in a spirit of curiosity and commitment. It aims to support writer development across Quebec in several ways. Font is:

  • Creating and maintaining a professional platform for new English and minority-language literary works from Quebec to be shared and promoted regionally, nationally, and internationally.
  • Celebrating the specific, multiple, and diverse cultures across Quebec by spotlighting literary communities and projects outside the urban centres and mainstream literary culture.
  • Supporting and promoting writer development by offering professional creative and editorial support to new and early-career literary artists.
  • Working with numerous style guides to offer editorial support that respects literary and artistic voices existing outside Canadian English or other colonial standards.
  • Paying new and early-career literary artists for their work, offering the validation of publication, and providing information and resources for writer development.
  • Expanding horizons by encouraging and promoting work across all genres including poetry, prose, non-fiction, critical reflection, multimedia, film, audio, image, performance, and more.
  • Committed to highlighting and upholding literary works from those who meet at many intersections, including Indigenous voices, people of colour, those living with disabilities, women, trans women and trans men, non-binary, Two-Spirit, genderqueer and gender non-conforming, and older emerging literary artists.
  • Working with culturally-diverse leaders, partners, writers, translators, publishers, organizations, educational bodies, and arts workers supporting English and minority languages within and beyond the Montreal metropolis.


Font is published by Linda Leith Publishing.

Team Members

Publisher: Linda Leith

Editor: Rachel McCrum

Copy Editor/Administrative Assistant: Edward He

Digital Marketing Coordinator/Digital Content Editor: Deanna Radford

Steering Committee

Yara El Ghadban, Espace de la Diversité

Linda Leith, Linda Leith Publishing

Leila Marshy, Linda Leith Publishing

Rachel McCrum, Font

Lori Schubert, Quebec Writers’ Federation


Black Community Resource Centre

Espace de la Diversité

Heritage Lower St Lawrence

Janet Lumb

Metonymy Press

Quebec Writers’ Federation

Jardins de Métis

Shoreline Press

Studio Georgeville

Teesri Duniya

The Morrin Centre

Yan Liang

Workshop Facilitators

Deanna Smith

Dona Nham

Thank you! Merci!

Linda Leith Publishing wishes to thank all those individuals, agencies, and organizations that are contributing to Font.

Linda Leith Publishing / LLÉ souhaite remercier toutes les personnes, agences et organisations qui contribuent à Font.

Font acknowledges the settler colonial context it emerges from and is dedicated to learning and practising intersectional, decolonial approaches to publishing.

Font’s editorial team is situated in Montreal / Tio’tia:ke on the unceded lands of the Kanien’kehá:ka Nation. Font respects the continued connections with the past, present and future in our relationships with Indigenous and other peoples in communities within Montreal and Quebec. Font strives to carry this spirit of connection forward in its work and in helping to mark literary creations by people from multiple and divergent lived realities from across Quebec.

About Linda Leith Publishing

Linda Leith Publishing (LLP) is a small press specializing in literary fiction and non-fiction print and ebooks in English and in translation. The press also publishes in French as Linda Leith Éditions (LLÉ). Based in Montreal, LLP | LLÉ celebrated its 10th anniversary in June 2021. The press has hosted a bilingual forum of opinion, Salon.ll., from the outset, launched a series of books for young people under the ruelle imprint in 2019, and created the online magazine Font in 2021.